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I Bought a Binder


It’s official. The binder, i mean. It is my Official 150 Folk Songs Binder. It is two inches thick and has three rings on the inside. Right now it is holding lots of loose scraps of paper with songs on them. Some of these songs I teach regularly, my students and I know and love them. Others are songs I picked up this summer, some of these I plan to introduce this year. Some came written out on the required form. A few are even already analyzed (like, 3). None have 3 holes punched in them, and none have been entered into my non-existant Excel spreadsheet I was told I should start, to keep things organized. Guess that’s my next step…


Why 150 Folk Songs?

Those of you who have taken Kodaly courses probably already know the answer to this question. To become a fully certified Kodaly educator, you must attend 3 summers worth of classes in solfege, methodology, conducting, traditional materials and research, and, you know, other stuff. You submit a video of your teaching, to be watched and discussed with you by the Master Kodaly teachers you have been working with for those 3 summers. Also, you are required to submit a binder full of 150 traditional folk songs that you plan on teaching to your students. Whew, that’s a lot of work!

This blog is an attempt to document the process of putting together one of these binders. I will be posting my own entires, as well as asking other music teachers to share their favorite songs, games and dances. Some of my other personal interests in music education include creative classroom management and improvisation and composition. I will share my ideas with you , and hope that you will share ideas as well; in the comments section, and by submitting posts of your own.

I would like this blog to become a place that music teachers can go to get lesson plans, songs/games, teaching ideas, and just to connect with each other, ask questions, and bounce around some ideas. So, if you are here, welcome, and please introduce yourself.